Saturday, August 19, 2017

Clouds this morning

I seem to have a fascination with clouds at the moment, on the whole a lovely day but these huge and magnificent clouds seemed to be wherever I went. first in the town, I took this from the market and then as we walked the cliffs. Cool but not too cold. We have had so much rain it has been a relief to see some sun, although they tell me it will rain again tomorrow. Another box filled, but so much more to do.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Too much going on in my world.

Wet and cold, the garden looks pretty uninteresting although the Gymea lily has a wonderful shape. I feel tired all the time and a lot of things going on health wise with friends and families. Just want to curl up in a ball but as I bought more containers today suppose I had better go and attack another cupboard.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This morning, bit wild and windy

This morning we had a short walk on the beach, full of sea weed in odd places and lots of sea agulls. The Inman River was flowing out to sea strongly too. Cold but it didnt rain on us. There is more forcast for tonight. I am still packing things up and filling plastic containers too quickly. I csnt put soft dolls into cardboard. There are so many of them too. I think we sign a contract this week end to sell. No idea where we will be going. I lie awake at night and worry. Still mostly I am so tired I do fall asleep.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Peachicks and flowers in the garden.

Wet cold and Windy again today. Max and I walked around the paddocks as I thought S needed help getting a new foal in, glad I had a stick and was dressed for the weather as somehow I missed her and had a long, but quite enjoyable walk. There are a few more camellias out in the garden and early signs of spring as more blossom is braving the weather. A bit more packing up I will have no where to put the boxes soon. So many memories.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


A lovely sunny but windy day. Lovely and warm. We went to the poultry sale this morning, Tab had taken 60 odd poultry to sell, she has heritage birds. When we got there she didn't have much left but somehow Mille had conned her into buying her a x bred chicken, as if there were not enough at home! We went on to Goolwa to see a couple of SALA exhibitions and by then I was terribly tired and aching all over, so I have taken things a bit slowly, a bit more packing, the photo down the hall, would you believe it has so much gone from the walls. Another bit of my daily stitch it is coming along slowly (well it would, it is supposed to go for a year!) George was enjoying a bit of sun in the sitting room. I am still aching. Thank goodness John does Sunday night dinner, smoked salmon and tomato pasta.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

a walk this morning along the cliffs

Still tired but a lovely walk this morning. I am about to go and make a curry for dinner using last weeks left over lamb roast. I quite like this old fashioned dinner. I have been packing things up again. At least I feel as if I am doing a little bit but it is depressing.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Northern Victoria trip

Away for 3 days, 10 hour drive over and back, a day in the middle to rest and catch up with my lovely granddaughter Fenella who is a vet presently based in Mansfield. We stayed at Imperial Stud as we brought over 2 mares, one to go back to Mark and one to be picked up that we had sold, hairy as. We had a lovely lunch with Nell and saw where she is living, such a pretty area all around. I had a wander up the hill when we got home to say goodbye to my mares and took a few photos. Some spectacular skies. Mark is a brilliant cook and although he was busy and hardly home he looked after us so well. We sneaked off before he was up to go home yesterday, Not such a good or easy trip home as we caught the start of a change and were heading into the wind and then rain and it got so cold. We arrived home safely, but tired. these 10 hour trips, even with several stops are killing. I think it will take more than today to get over it. I have been shopping but maybe a nana nap this afternoon will be in order.