Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A tale of a camera and other things

Yesterday I rang one of the camera companies to see about repairs to my camera. Firstly I was told it was 8 years old, the cost to repair was probably not worth it, so I looked and looked and using my Qantas frequent flyers settled on a newer model. Akk ok. then John came out and said he had fixed my camera. I had done all the things he had done but to no avail, the magic fingers of a husband. So now I have a super dooper new one coming, and my old one. Not sure how I feel about this especially as the new camera probably has so many things on it I wont know how to use. Any way the photo at the top is of this mornings walk, another bit of a disaster as we walked quite happily for a while and a sudden surge came up the beach and my shoes were filled with water and I was wet to the knees. Not a happy chappie, a walk cut short as the shoes felt awful to walk in and the beach was wall to wall sea weed. Still its better than being in north Queensland with cyclone Debbie creating havoc. I am glad I do not have to cope with cyclones. I have been ding a bit of silly stitchery, have to do some 15x15 cm stuff for Ballarat, so they can raise money for something. Its a fun idea and we can get nice pieces of art for very little. The weather has changed, cool nights and pleasant days. All I need now is some rain.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Morning walk on the beach

I think maybe I am getting my head around my phones cameras. We walked on the beach this morning, odd drips of rain coming down but I doubt if there is enough to measure. There were huge numbers of bees in the gum tree that is right on the entrance to the beach, it doesnt seem to mind being on a sandhill. The rainbow lorikeets were there too but they were too quick for me to catch them. Very noisy. Quite a lot of movement along the edge of the beach, when I took the piece of sea weeds photo it was relatively still then suddenly it moved, but I liked this shot best. I think I need to make a case for my phone to carry around in and hang around my neck. Always a worry when walking beaches if they get sand in them. I am going to resurrect an old camera and see what I think (I wont like it, not a big enough zoom!)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

More from around the garden

Quite warm and sticky although the sound of currawongs calling this morning certainly meant that it is autumn, they only come down when there is fruit in the orchard. I went into the market while John went fishing, he tells me they didnt have a very good day at all which is sad. I wandered around the garden with my phone taking a few more photos, I have found a couple of old cameras but they need to have batteries. I did find a couple of rechargable ones but I think I need new ones. we will see. those cameras are ok but rather old. The colchiums are out in the garden. Our first Womens football premiership has just been played and the local Adelaide Crows won, this is the first AFL womens team to be recognised a bit of a feather in their hats as they come from near and far. John is home, the animals need feeding. Supposed to be very hot tomorrow. Horrid.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

This and that.

After my fall in the sand yesterday has messed up my camera, sand in the lens. I can't get to Adelaide for a while to see if it can be fixed so I will have to learn how to work my phone camera, not happy as I love my camera. I have taken a few photos on my tablet which is OK around the house but... any way another of my daily stitch, yesterday I finished the purple tri chain stitch and today a running stitch.The last photo is one of the flowers in the garden.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This morning

In the vegetable garden, the sweet corn will be ready soon. On the beach, at last, these two fellows were having so much fun and I had just taken their photo when I fell flat on my face, having tripped on a piece of embedded sea weed. Poor John had a struggle getting me back on my feet. Must admit to feeling a little shaken. It was a bit damp while we walked, fine drizzle. I am back up from having lunch with Sarah and Tweetie Nimmo, it was lovely to catch up with Tweetie again, a while since she was last here.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2 more days of daily stitching.

A couple more days of my daily stitching. Slowly, very slowly I am filling it all in. Started a row of three individual chain stitch. I also filled in using more leaves around the last few flowers. We had to go to Adelaide for dentist appointments. Not really what I wanted today, after a bad night and yesterday's long drive home. I suppose I will eventually catch up.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Great week end

I am over tired and have made a mess of this blog post. I had a great time in Halls Gap, having a week end of fun eco dyeing paper and also playing with rusting and Making books. I didn't quite do all I wanted to but enough. It was pretty hot but I and my wonky back survived, now to drive home tomorrow.